Pertecno Industry is specialised in the production of Technical Profiles for the area of civil construction.

With its own machinery, its entry onto the market on 2 April 2004 marked a new phase for the sector. Since then, its high level of growth has been achieved in a safe and sustained manner.

Well aware of how aggressive the market is, and with customer needs in mind, Pertecno Industry policy is to try and always offer the best quality at the lowest price.

Pertecno Industry assures its Business Partners that it will endeavour to make continuous improvements in all its procedures and activities in order to strengthen its commercial and social relationships.


Constant investment in research, development and the production of new products means that Pertecno Industry is able to provide a growing range of application solutions.


Pertecno Industry has a culture of constant improvement based on a well-defined quality policy that it applies to everything it produces and markets.

Health and Safety

Pertecno Industry considers safety at work to be an integral part of its principles: it meets all health and safety standards and maintains direct involvement with all its employees.